Best Face Masks for Kids – Ones They’ll Actually Want To Wear

Kids' Face Mask Spider-Man

Yes, your kids need to wear face masks. And yes, there’s a good chance you’ll have to chase them around to ensure the masks stay on. But since it’s really not a choice they can afford to opt-out of, you need to find a way to convince your little ones to keep ‘em on. One way is to make the idea less scary/intimidating with the help of fun face masks for kids.

Read on for more on the importance of kids’ cloth face masks and recommendation for some of the best face masks for kids.

Are Kids Cloth Face Masks Really Necessary?

The short answer is a resounding, YES! According to guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children above the age of 2 should “wear a mask correctly when in public and when around people they don’t live with.”

Whether your kids are going to play in the neighborhood or you’re prepping them for school, they need to wear their face masks as often as possible—especially in situations where social distancing is a challenge.

But since kids will always be kids—and they might not fully understand the importance of wearing face masks—they may find them intrusive or a nagging inconvenience.

An easy way to lure your munchkins into wearing masks and helping curb the spread of COVID-19 is by getting them a bunch of fun face masks for kids. And if you play your cards right, they might even be excited to strap on the protective accessories – i.e., kids love playing dress-up.

Here are the Best Kids’ Face Masks that are Fun to Wear

You want to make the kids’ face masks fun to wear, right? But what is ‘fun’? Not to get all philosophical on you, but fun is a rather subjective term. What your 5-year-old enjoys is worlds apart from what intrigues a 13-year-old. For this reason, here are a few categories of fun face masks for kids—factoring in different tastes.

1. Favorite Comic/Film Characters

If you have a comic book fanboy/girl in your house, you can’t possibly go wrong with a superhero-themed face mask. For them, it will be like Halloween every day—donning the masks of their favorite characters and walking in their shoes.

As a parent, teacher, or guardian, you can nudge them further by making fun remarks to rile on—hence getting them excited to wear the masks. For example, let’s assume you got your kid this awesome-looking Spider Kid face mask. Calling them “Spidey” or “the friendly neighborhood Spider Kid” is a sure way to boost their liking for face masks.

2. Keeping it Plain and Simple

Not all kids are outgoing when it comes to colorful or shouting attire. Some just appreciated the beauty of simplicity and not attracting too much attention (Hey fellow introverts?!). If this is your kid, consider buying plain colored options such as this Deep Blue or a more subdued, but cool, all black kids’ cloth face mask.

The idea here is to ensure your kids are as comfortable as possible by complementing their personalities with some of the best face masks for kids.

3. Cute Face Masks for Kids

No one—not even your little rascals—can resist pure, adorable cuteness. With this in mind, consider pulling the ‘cuteness card’ to facilitate fun face masks for kids.

Whether it’s a shimmering Unicorn with a pink backdrop, Unicorns Farting Rainbows, or a print of irresistible Pandas—brace yourself for a loud “Awww!” by getting cute face masks for kids.

4. Cool Face Masks

‘Ssup cool kids! Most kids like to look and feel cool. And some would not get caught wearing something that didn’t go with their coolness vibe.

For such, kids’ cloth face masks such as this Urban Kid design or Blue Camo are fool-proof options. They ooze coolness and your kid will love stepping out in one.

What Qualities Should You Look for in the Best Face Masks for Kids?

Fit and/or Shape: Kids obviously have smaller faces than you—so those N95 or standard surgical face masks you sport comfortably might not be a viable solution. Instead, opt for kids’ cloth face masks that are specifically designed to fit the little ones—while optimizing comfort and safety. A well-fitting kids’ cloth face mask should be secured under the chin, fit snugly against the sides of the face, and cover both the mouth and nose.

Aesthetic Design: Not to throw shade at the conventional pure blue/white face masks—but they’re dingy and somber. Few kids will be excited about wearing face masks that give them flashback of hospital halls and doctors wielding needles to their upper arms. The best kids’ face masks should be as functional as they’re visually fun.

Best Kids' Face Mask

Breathability and Layering: If you want your kids to feel comfortable wearing a face mask, the general rule of thumb is to make it as comfortable and as unobstructed as possible. This calls for breathable masks. As for the layers, several studies and the CDC recommend face masks with at least 2 layers—preferably ones made specifically for children.

The takeaway is that your kids need effective masks to help prevent COVID-19 from careening to other people. But because kids are often choosy and not welcoming to drastic change, you can ease their transition to the new norm of wearing face masks by offering fun options.

With that, Stay Safe!